wonderful forward to begin with. kudos to hema! Here are my views on the forward.

though the forward talks about a grave reality which is hard to digest, i actually never felt that way. let me introspect why. When i came to bangalore, i brought with me a few of the known faces, with whom i have shared everything, with whom i have partyed, with whom i have sat and chatted for hours and the list goes on

We all take some many things for granted. Friends, family, food , clothing, health etc Ideally it should not be so. One thing that changed my entire view point on the importance of friends is when, i had just arrived in bangalore, we had no place to say. Luckily we bunked @ my empty sisters house for a couple of days looking for a house. We found one. We were supposed to move to that place on a Monday. The owner said, he will have the house cleaned up and ready. That day evening we all took our baggages and when we arrived, the house was in a pathetic state. Not cleanup, just they had removed the old items. I felt kicking myself, since it was my choice to move into that house. My know faces withstood it with a smile. How sweet of them!

We cleaned up a room and slept that night. I was dead tired hence i doozed off quicky. But in the middle of the night when i woke up i saw my know faces chatting in a wisper, they werent able to sleep and i am the reason for that.

The next day, we didnt have water even to washup. I went to office and took a bath. My know faces had to go to one of our friends house to wash up. We decided to vacate that house, but where to go, another know face jumped in and we moved to their house. We also had another choice of house, which was quite good but lacked transportation. We thought something was better than nothing, hence we decided to take that house. The owner asked us to come to the house. We took everthing, (lots of stuff) and went there. The owner was not there. When we called, the owner virtually screamed at us asking why we went there rather than come to their house. Which was again 7-8 KM from the place where we were currently. We had no where to go, hence me and one of my know faces went to their house which my other to kfs stayed gaurd.

The owners said that we need to sign an agreement and if we break that then we had to pay 11 months rent. Holy God! we were taken aback. Definitely we cant stay in that place for 11 months. Then we called the kfs gaurding the baggage asking what to do, they said its alright lets take it. It was night 10 and we had no place to go.We requested for a 3 months lock in, still they didnt relent. Then we called back again, this time they said they had spoken to the person staying in the ground floor, and he had advised them not to sign the agreement but come back and that he was kind enough to let us stay in his house. Wow who is that, Is he an angel or something. Psychologically, physically and emotionally i was so tired.

We had nice dinner, and by that time that anna Mr.Selva (was working for Honeywell) setup mosquito nets for us. I slept like a baby that night. The next day he dropped me in his bike to the bus stand.

The very same day, we moved our baggage to another friends sisters house and started thinking of other options. Finally we settled down into on of my other kf.

During all these troubles and turmoils, there was laughter, giggling , smiles, jokes, pjs etc. How was it possible. There was even one of my kf , who need not have gone through these difficulties, who had come to visit bangalore, stayed with us till we settled down.

Now i dont take anything for granted. Without whatever i have today, nothing would be meaningful.

I acknowledge all know faces who have directly and indirectly stayed by my side helping me become meaningful.

You might want to known who were the kfs who underwent all these with me, Send in ur guesses. The kfs who were there with me then stay put 🙂

Live Life
On Mon, 12 Jun 2006, hema.sukumaran@… wrote:

Just wanted to share something which is close to our hearts……

Its 8:15 a.m. and I stand here in the bus stop waiting for the office bus to arrive. I stand here in the same manner as I did a few years back waiting for my college bus. Little did I know then that things would change so much in 2 years; the sky under which I am standing seems to be looking at me and smiling .. It is perhaps the only thing that has acted as a witness .. watching the transformation of a loud and bubbly person into a quiet professional.

I wouldn’t blame the professionalism for the change though. It is destiny, or may be you could call it life. Yes Life, esoteric in the true sense, for one does not understand why you meet hundreds of people everyday, work with so many, and still remain lonely.

I am now in one of the corner seats in the bus, looking out of the window watching people trying to catch up with “life” .. It’s an hour’s journey and the only company that I generally have is the chatter of the RJ. I seldom notice the person sitting next to me, for its going to be yet another stranger or may be you could say another acquaintance. It is annoying at times when the radio is switched off, not because I am cut off from the melody but because I would now be thrust with thoughts of the solitary journey ahead.

I can’t help thinking about the short bus journeys to college … well it’s a paradox to call a distance of 30 KMs “short”, but that is how it always seemed. A typical college day always begins in the bus with all the familiar faces; you look forward for all your friends to get in from the various stops, the reasonless giggles, the loud laughter that were stifled to avert the eyes of the lecturers and professors who would watch on us as if we were their prospective prey for the day … well as I said it was a different life then. The pleasant memories of college are in itself good enough to save me from the misery of the bus journey.

I notice that it is time for me to get down and flash my smile of acknowledgement to all the known strangers that I see as I approach my cubicle. A few of my colleagues greet me with their morning wishes and as always, we exchange our pleasantries. Discussions jump to the weekend plans and I wonder what I’d do over the weekend.

It would be just another day staring at the mobile, wishing it would ring and bring back some wonderful moments that are now missing in life or maybe the safer option would be to come to office, for it’s my new founded asylum these days. A few years back, weekends or weekdays didn’t matter to me, I was always busy. I always stood doubting the authenticity of the wall clock that seemed to be in running too fast to perceive its movement. Alas, now it seems as though my clock is suffering from some kind of paralytic attack.

There is a time in life, where one needs to go ahead, leaving behind your friends and carrying along only memories. You do make new friends, but then you never get the old close ones … you do meet people who’d be so good to you that you could tell them anything and everything, but you do not find a person to whom you needn’t say things … friends who just know you. Occasional calls from such friends, have been the only thing that I seem to look forward to …However,I cant help but notice the uneasy pause that lingers around the conversation ..A pause not because of the relationship, but because it is too short a duration to say everything, and of course you cannot completely rule out the paucity of words!

As I sip coffee from the ubiquitous coffee mug, watching the drops of rain, trickling down the tinted glass panes, veiling the scenic beauty outside, I tell myself, may be there will be a day when things will change, when life will offer a rewind, a recap of all the events and I just have to wait.

Capricious are the ways of life, for I know there would be many who’d be able to empathize with me, ironically, even the dear ones that I miss this moment, waiting perhaps…!!

And I keep on waiting…….