When my delite friends invited me to come to my friend Elis’s church inaguration function, i really had no clue what part i was going to play. Our Delite team was one of the three teams that were going to lead the worship there. I had no clue about the songs that was to be sung that evening. U wont believe, i ended up having a seperate mike all for myself. For songs that i didnt know, tried to get the rythm and tried filling in, for those i knew, i sang with all of my heart, before the worship started i was asking God, why me, i dont know the songs, i dont deserve to be there but why me, but i told God, God i am not worthy, but u have brought me out of Your will and choice, i surrender myself to You, let Your will come to pass. With those toughts the worship started and all of a sudden Ashely asked me to give my testimony, and he told that i had 1 min. Actually i didnt concentrate on my testimony but i was concentating on that 1 min, i told God that i knew nothing and that HE had to speak, i rushed through the testimony which was least effective, but i know that God’s purpose has come to pass and that He has achieved whatever HE wanted out of my testimony. Now i know God’s call might come any moment, i shud be ready to give my best and i promised God today that the next time when HE calls, i will be prepared. God is teaching me new lessons everday, somedays i tend to get the lesson and somedays i dont get the lesson, thats when God forces HIs way around me to teach a lesson.

All Praise, Glory and Honour to the Lord !!!! Will share my testimony here someday.