It was a bit drizzling. I was riding back to my house from office. As i crossed the Ejipura singal and was nearing the Sony World junction, one side of the traffic looked stuck. I was trying to go around that stuck traffic. As i was getting around an autorickshaw a cat that was already hit by some vehicle was trying to scamper across the road. It already had one broken leg. It bounced back on a car and narrowly missed its front wheels but alas it tried to move forward and got hit by the rear wheels. The car ran over the midsection of the cat. Miraculously it was alive and it scampered in the opposite direction. I just turned my eyes instinctively and rode ahead praying that the cat should escape. The sceen was really heart gripping for me.

Me and most of my friends drive really fast. I cant imagine one of us being in the plight of that cat. Friends be careful while driving. Really careful. May the Good Lord protect you all. Amen.