It was a hot and dry month of May. I was busy getting ready for my 12th grade. Preparations were in full flow. I was returning back home on my bicycle, a couple of kilometers to reach home. I was crossing a three road junction, all of a sudden something happened. The next thing I remember is, I was in an auto with my friend and we were moving to the hospital. Things that followed are still very vague. The doctor diagnosed and said that it was just a concussion and gave me a sedative and asked me to go home.

Soon word spread around, friends and relatives started visiting me to check on how I was doing. Things were still hazy and my aunts who were all nurses working in government hospitals enquired if I had vomited which I rarely do. They were just checking on whether there was any head injury. Since I didn’t vomit, they said it was okay. The day after the accident one of my aunt visited to checkup on me. She got very curious about my head and she suggested doing a scan. We went to the hospital at 5 pm in the evening. The scan was done and the doctors dropped the bomb.

I have been bleeding all over my brain for the past one and half days and still walking. They told that they had to operate in 30 min and we have to pay 30 grand to start the operation. They followed that bomb with another big one saying I got just 20% chance and they got signatures from my parents acknowledging the same.

Every prayer group which my mother knew was informed about the operation and prayers were offered day and night. The operation that was supposed to be for 45 min dragged on for 3 hours. The operation was a success but I was a loser, they had removed my bifrontal bone. Then the painful recovery process began. The pain was so much that I felt it would be better if I died.

After 3 long months, I joined school. By that time all my mates were well into the 12 portions, in fact they were done with their first round of syllabus completion. I was lost, I didn’t want to study in fact I didn’t want to do anything. By sheer grace of God I cleared my 12th papers with 80% which was more than I hoped for.

Then came along the 2nd 0peration, where the docs crafted another part of my skull to patch up the empty bifrontal area. In the same hospital where the operation was done a Karunya student had been admitted, whom my mother met by chance or rather by the plan of God and he inspired my mom to get me admitted into Karunya.

I resisted that strongly, I didn’t want to stay in hostel. I wanted to stay in my home town (Coimbatore). But my mom compelled me to join Karunya. I was very much into computers and we tried for a Computer Science seat. But the CSE seats were closed when we went. I got only mechanical. I was broken into pieces. But still my mom persisted to join Karunya.

Almost 2 months past after I joined college IT /CSE seats were increased for all the colleges. We tried to get a seat desperately, again my luck ran out. After another week there was news from the admin people that there was a lapse seat which by sheer God’s grace and plan I got it. I felt as if my fortunes are clicking. On my maiden day as a CSE student there was a test conducted and I topped that. I knew I was on a roll.

I was just a church goer and not a true believer. But slowly and steadily the Lord’s hand started working in me, through the various forums in Karunya like the prayer cell, morning counseling, the corporate worships etc I was drawn closer and closer to God. God gave me the grace to complete all my semesters without any arrears.

During my final semester in the month of January, I surprisingly got an interview call from my dream company Infosys for which I haven’t applied. But later came to know that one of our professors Mr. Kumar Charlie Paul, who had collected our resumes, had applied. I had only 3 days to prepare. I gave it a shot and guess what I did the questionnaire well. I was very confident that I will get through. I was so confident that I didn’t any other interview. I was expecting the offer letter in 2 months. Almost 4 months passed I didn’t receive my offer letter. People who appeared after me had received their offer letters.

Final exams were over still no offer letter. I started cursing myself why I didn’t appear for other interviews. Within a week after semester got over appeared for a call center interview, got through and was asked to join with 4 days of the interview. I joined a company called Transworks as a call center executive for Apple Tech Support. I wanted to become a software professional and hence I was not happy with the job. I have the habit of checking my mails regularly and exactly after 4 days of my joining in my new job I got the much awaited Infosys offer. I was thrilled. It was a dream comes true. Things didn’t stop there. God granted me the grace to complete Oracle Certification and another new job at Yahoo SDC in Bangalore. Now I am in Bangalore with a job that I like the most though it is hectic and working for God in my spare time through my fellowship with fellow Karunyans as a group named DELITE.

When I was preparing for my 12th, had a vision and was working to achieve the same. But God had a better and greater vision for me. HIS ways are unexplainable. The prayers of my mom, the prayer group brothers are sisters sustained me pre Karunya and in Karunya and post Karunya along with their prayers of the above mentioned the prayers of the Founders and the WORD of GOD planted in me during the numerous prayer cell gatherings, corporate worships and morning counseling sustains me today by invoking the grace of GOD for every day.