It all started when Chari asked me whether i will be able to acompany the recuirtment team to Chennai Anna University. Had to skip a couple of linux training sessions to do that, was initially a bit reluctant, but decided to go. The cab driver called me around 6.30 in the morning. The flight was @ 8.40 and the checkin time was @ 7.20. Left for the airport @ 6.50 and reached there by 7.10. It was a long wait and finally the flight was airbone. It was an uneventful flight. Reached Chennai @ 9.15 , had a short talk with fellow passenger, Priya who is working in CTS for the past 8 years. There were 3 cabs waiting to pick us up and drivers were holding the banner written as Mr. Yahoo, found that to be a bit funny.

We reached ANNA University around 10 approx and the pre placement talk started @ 11.30. There was a lot of buzz during the talk and we gave away lots of T shirts. The test was sheduled @ 12.45. The test started with me, Chakri, Ravi and Sachin incharge of the YESI test venue. There were around 71 entires. We got the test going and Chakri and Ravi left for refreshments. A guy was trying to help his friend and unfortunately i saw that , and he became restless and left. The time was up, we collected all the papers and jioned the folks in R&D test venue. Still no sign of Chakri and Ravi, Ashish called them up and they told that they are on the way.

Had a heavy lunch that consisted of vegetable rice, gobi machurian, chicken etc. After that the boring stuff started. Had to correct all the papers. It was all over around 4.30 for YESI while the R&D folks needed another 45 mins to complete. So the YESI folks thought we will get some refreshments. Sachin was already sick, he had thorwing up sensation. We drove a long way to a hotel called Sangeetha where Ravi had Onion Othapam, Me and Chakri shared a large (really larger) paper roast and Sachin had lemon tea.

Here i have to give some context, all the while it was raining heavily in Chennai. We had dumped all the baggage in the cab itself since we didnt go to the hotel where the rooms are booked. We left the restaurant and reached Anna University just the time when the interview was about to start. I teamed up with Chakri and Ravi and Sachin teamed to do the first round. Finally we shortlisted the 4 folks for the final round.

We wound up everything, and decided to call it a day, everyone got into the cab , and i also got into the cab, and i started to look around for my bag, it was not there, it was gone!!!!! Evening when we went for refreshments it was there. Damn, what a time to lose a bag, searched frantically everywhere, it was not to be found anywhere. Everyone was tired , and i didnt want to put everyone into discomfort because of my bag , decided to leave without the bag. We started the drive to the hotel, then i realized that my tickets were also there in the bag.

I was hoping and praying that i will get my bag. All the low lying roads were flooded, knee height water everywhere. We reached the hotel checked in, folks all dropped their baggages in their rooms and we met for dinner. Dinner was a full of fun, Ravi and Sachin were on song. Once the dinner was over, i went into my room, said a small paryer for my bag and i crashed on the bed.

I woke up thinking that it was still 5.30 Am, but when i looked @ the watch it was already 8.45, got ready , went down, to meet Ashish who was just finishing his breakfast. The R&D folks had a long day ahead, YESI interviews were all done except for one candidate whom i was supposed to interview the next day. Looked again in the cabs for the bag . Still no signs, so called up Atiah for a new ticket, noted down my pnr no, i finished my interview @ 1, did an 1 1/2 hr grilling. I accompanied Ashish in his HR interviews and once that was done, Chakri Ravi and Sachin arrived from the hotel incidentally and we all left for the 2.30 flight.

The entire traffic was stuck. It wasnt moving. We started making up backup plans. Called up jet airways to tell that we are stuck. There was hip height water everywhere. Finally after 4 hours we reached the airport, which the cab driver circled the airport till i gave green signal for him to leave after making sure we were able to checkin for a flight. Chakri got my new ticket from the Jet Airways office. A big thanks to him, he was such a comfort during that time. We had another 45 mins, so decided to get something to eat and we all had samosa’s and coffee. we checked in, when i was about the board the plane the security called me, he was talking on the wireless, seems like some issue with my seat no, he let in the other guy who came after me, i was steaming inside, why not me if we were both contending for the same seat, then eventually the security guy got a new seat no from the front desk. It was 2 f. I was supposed to travel by economy class, u know what that seat was a business class seat, damn i recalled the words that i was telling to Chakri, “everything works out for good”.

Said a thank you prayer to God and i reached home @ 8 in the evening. Wow what life time experience.