During my 4th Grade in school, my school was closed for a day for an unusual reason. One of my schoolmates in 9th Grade died. He died in a peculiar manner. He was having is dinner and simultaneously watching a comedy show. There was a hilarious scene and this guy laughed and that was his last laugh. Food particles got stuck in his wind pipe and he was gone. Something similar happened to me yesterday, i started gasping for breath, initially(the first few seconds) i didnt realize the seriousness, the moment air stopped filing my lungs, the moment it started yearning desperately for air, i could sense my eyes open wide , my heart pounded desperately, it was as if someone was choking me to death. I knew it shud get alright by a miracle else, i cant wait till i get to a hospital, my brain frantically recollected the demise of my schoolmate, it was trying to find a solution, i started wondering whether the next gasp might be the last one, some part of me started praying desperately, please Lord, heal me, it cant go now, lot to be done yet.

My friends in the room didnt realize the seriousness, coz i was not able to convey to them, my gasps got stronger and stronger as if fighting strongly, miraculuosly i felt some partciles move back into my throught, it spitted it out, still my body has not recovered from the strain and stress it went through those moments. My lungs started panting with the rush of air, i started sweating, my eye lids returned to normal state, my breathing became normal and i had a feeling as if i am reborn, said a small weak prayer of thanx giving and slept with a troubled heart, what if it had happened otherwise !!!!!

All Glory and Praise to God for saving me and holding me near HIS heart.