Architects off site kicked of the Bangalore Architects group. The day was full of fun activities and discussions related to the career of an Architect. It was a great forum to meet lots of like minded folks. There were Architect aspirants and veterans. The whole group was split into smaller groups and the groups kept shuffling to facilitate better interaction.

Thats my group. Lester, Surat, Myself, Sanjay and Raj. The task at hand was to foresee want are the upcoming technology advancements and the impact it will have on Architects and come up with an action plan to address such changes.

Thats me presenting the technology advancements that are being anticipated.

Sanjay presenting the action plan for Architects.

In the afternoon session the groups were asked to solve individual jigsaw puzzles. Our team made an effort in trying to solve it. But we were going no where and got caught in no mans land. It will be very obvious from the below snap.

Surat trying to hide the solution, oops rather hiding the fact that we don’t have a solution.

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