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The number of “Aha!” moments that I have experienced in life are not that many. And I tend to forget those moments in course of time. I would like to narrate one such moment which I don’t want to forget and will not forget. Of late I have been conscious of the fact that life is passing by at break neck speed. Weeks and months whizz by in a cycle. home

As we enter each week we wait expectantly for the weekend and while we laze away the weekend, we start waiting expectantly for the next weekend. During these cycles we spend enormous amounts of time, energy and money to better our lives, our families and friends. We seem to add so much value to our organizations, our teams, our families. We rate ourselves so high that we even think that we are indispensible to the company, team or project during our moments of self pride and honor. We always keep thinking about the next big thing that is going to happen in our life. We wait expectantly gathering our resources while we pass away our current successes as if they are insignificant. We never reach a state where something is enough. There is always something better to pursue for in life. I totally agree that there is nothing wrong in having better expectations and goals. Today’s success is defined by status, money, power, position, fame and acclaim. That’s the mantra of modern day society. Anything that doesn’t matter to the modern day society is laid to rest by the wayside.

The moment made me reaffirm that there is more to life than the success criteria’s that we define for ourselves. Recently me and my friends visited few governments schools and homes in Cuddalore as part of a study. We were accompanied by one of my friend’s father to these places. In Cuddalore there is a home that is being run by the government just for girls who are orphans and whose parents are incapable of taking care of them. My friend’s father is a retried Head Master of one of the government schools. We reached the Girls home in a cab and he swiftly got out of his car being all excited to meet the kids. And what unfolded after that was totally out of the world experience for me. I could feel so much happiness and satisfaction by just watching the scene. The Girls were getting ready for their evening study and the moment they say him all hell broke loose. They all ran towards him, surrounded him , engulfed him showering with greetings and enquires about how he is doing and the smaller ones asking why he left. Words cannot describe the scene. The joy and the jumping is inexplicable.  The greetings and happiness was so blissful and warmth that I didn’t want the evening to end. Some even went to the extent of requesting him to come back. There were so happy to see their beloved teacher back in their hut even if it was momentary. This might sound like a cliché but we shall never understand the depth of it unless we experience it first hand. While coming back, I kept replaying the whole scene again and again in my mind. He has been their source of guidance and hope. He has touched the lives of not just his family / friends. He has inspired many children to greater levels. He doesn’t limit his circle of impact to only to people who can reciprocate. He has extended his knowledge to anyone and everyone He has crossed paths with. In His world the criteria of success is “Life Matters” , but not his. It is the Life of each and every kid that He comes in touch with is what matters. Even after His retirement, he doesn’t want to stop. Now the only question I keep asking myself is “What is my sphere of influence”.