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This is a phenomenon that is also applicable to our government schools in Tamilnadu. In our village  schools it is considered great if 5% of the students move up into high school from middle school. The world of these kids are so small that they are intimidated by thought of dreaming big. If they cross that chasm and dream big, they are faced with numerous hurdles that they eventually drop off somewhere along our system.  The Gingham team has got together to do our bit to expand the horizon of the kids to dream big and to urge the kids who have a dream to follow through. Please visit our website that we have setup for project "Gingham"  and let us know your thoughts. Even your smallest act of support by sharing/contributing/giving feedback will help a deserving kid to make his/her dream come true. Please help.

P.S -  This video was not created by our team but captures the essence so well.